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2008-09-28 01:01:43 by Xaltz

About Me:
Hey, I'm Xaltz. I make music in FL Studio 8.
Currently making people dance in the USA.

Put up the song thing I have been fiddling with in FL for a few months but not really doing much serious work. Idk if it's finished yet but whatever.

- Xaltz

new song finished

2008-09-20 22:08:10 by Xaltz

ok you all know my computer is royally fucked up.
my friend has let me use his to make a new song, thanks justin =D

anyway, I will upload my new song soon.
title: Impurity



2008-09-06 22:58:01 by Xaltz

Well, my computer got fucking owned.
This is the, what, third time? Fucking HP can't make a damn good computer that won't fall apart.
So as we are sending this piece of shit back to HP or taking it to the computer store, please bare with me as I try to get this damn thing fixed as soon as I can.
You may now enjoy this picture of how my computer got owned not the first time, not the second time, but the THIRD FUCKING TIME. 05/TBagginUrMom/IMGA0077.jpg

Goodbye for now,
- A very pissed off Xaltz

New Song

2008-08-31 17:20:41 by Xaltz

++++++++August 31, 2008++++++++
Hello Newgrounds,
I have just finished my new song, The Fight.
It will be uploaded soon.
Here are some stats:
- Made in FL Studio 8
- Time: 3:08
- 20 Patterns
- Genre: Miscellaneous
- VST Plug ins used:
= Sytrus
= reFX Vanguard
= 3x OSC

It took me about 2 hours to make. I didn't work on it straight, I was on skype, talking to people on aim and watching TV.

- DJ Xaltz

Happy Birthday to me!

2008-08-28 22:38:08 by Xaltz

Just finished my song Activate about 15 minutes ago.
Today is my birthday also. xD
So, what's up?
EDIT: Thanks to the zero-bombing assholes my song rating has dropped to 3.23.
If you enjoy the song, please rate it a 5.


2008-08-23 15:42:26 by Xaltz

Finally after a few weeks my audio has been approved so I will be making more and uploading it here shortly.

I have finished my 8bit\video game song.

Peace for now,
- DJ Xaltz

My audio

2008-08-09 16:23:55 by Xaltz

newgrounds mods still haven't approved my audio submission. its been like 2 days, I guess I have to be more patient. In the mean time, I have made a loop and a song that I will upload once they approve me.

pe@ce for now,
- Xaltz